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About SigEp

Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College, now the University of Richmond, on November 1, 1901, on the Cardinal Principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. Today, the Fraternity has grown to more than 255,000 lifetime members, including 14,000 undergraduates on 260 campuses in the United States. We are the leading fraternity at Southeast Missouri State University and in the nation. Sigma Phi Epsilon is the nation's largest fraternity. For the last fifteen years, more men have joined Sigma Phi Epsilon than any other college fraternity.

Our Mission Statement:

"Building Balanced Leaders for the World"s Communities"


Missouri Zeta Chapter

Southeast Missouri State University

Mission Statement 

It is the objective of this organization to uphold, develop, and strengthen the character of its members; to teach those principles which are essential to the individual as a member of society; to impress upon its members the true significance of the fraternal relationship; to aid and sustain, as far as possible, the government and discipline of the fraternity and to promote scholarship.

National Service:

Our national community service partner is Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Our organizations share a common ideology.  Big Brothers Big Sisters’ core principles of mentorship, trust, and impact of positive role models align positively with our own Cardinal Principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love, and working with the organization gives SigEps a chance to serve others as part of their journey to becoming balanced men.


We Believe in the Balanced Man Concept:


"A SigEp lives his daily life keeping in mind the ideals of the Balanced Man, achieving a sound mind and body. The four qualities that epitomize the Balanced Man are Scholar, Leader, Athlete and Gentleman. Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon do not settle for mediocrity in these attributes, rather they strive to become exceptional in all aspects, making them truly balanced.

"With this destination in mind, the member development program of Sigma Phi Epsilon offers motivation, guidance and support throughout this journey. Accordingly, there is no pledge process to join SigEp, rather a recruit that accepts a bid to the fraternity becomes a member immediately and progresses through the Balanced Man Program.

"This program is designed based on the Balanced Man Ideals and is a continual learning process that helps each individual SigEp realize their potential in and beyond college. Every brother is a unique individual with his own strengths and weaknesses, but together as a whole, bound by the common goal of Balanced Man Ideals, we form something special--a fraternity of virtue, diligence and brotherly love."