Our Chapter Houses

Our chapter is the only fraternity at Southeast Missouri State to have two fraternity houses.  We house more brothers that any other fraternity on campus and we definitely have the best houses. Our homes are K-Building on Greek Hill and the Greystone Estate, located beside the Show-Me Center at 1403 North Sprigg. We house over 60 brothers.

K-Building On Greek Hill


Greystone Manor on Sprigg Street

The Red Door Tradition

You will notice a red door on both of our Chapter houses.  The tradition of the red door on Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter houses began at Syracuse University (New York Alpha) in the 1920s. Brother their painted the front door of their house red as a token of fraternalism, as red is one of our fraternities colors and to indicate that all SigEps are welcome.  The tradition has quickly spread, and now all 260 SigEp chapters are distinguished from other fraternities by their Red Doors.  The Red Doors tradition led to something even bigger and more important: the Red Door Policy.  This policy states that wherever a Brother finds the Red Doors of SigEp, he will be welcomed into the chapter to share in the Brotherhood and tradition of the Fraternity.  In other words, every SigEp Brother is welcome at every SigEp chapter. The Red Doors help to unify all SigEp chapters, and the Red Door Policy instills a wider sense of Brotherhood that extends beyond each individual and each chapter.  This has become a strong tradition and as you travel to other college campuses you will look for the "red door" of Sigma Phi Epsilon where you know, if you are a SigEp, you will be always welcome.