Dear Future Southeast Student & Parents,

First of all, I hope you had a great senior year full of memories that will last a lifetime and are ready to embark on a new journey in life at Southeast Missouri State University. I am writing this letter to better inform potential new members and their parents of Sigma Phi Epsilon, or any fraternity for that matter. As an incoming freshman, I did not know much about fraternity life and was a bit overwhelmed by the process of choosing a fraternity. My intentions are to make you aware of fraternity life and more importantly, Sig Ep. After learning its core values, Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love, and everything Sigma Phi Epsilon has to offer, I was more than ready to join such a great brotherhood that stands alone as not only the best on campus but in the country as well.

At Southeast Missouri State University, Greek Life is a tremendous way to get involved on campus as well as build a network and friendships that will stay with you forever. Fraternities are among some of the highest celebrated organizations on campus. However, Sigma Phi Epsilon is a fraternity on Southeast campus that stands out from the rest.

Established in 1901, the Founding Fathers of Sigma Phi Epsilon set out to create a fraternity that would be different. Well over 100 years later, Sig Ep is still thriving, especially at Southeast Missouri State University. I encourage you to strongly take a look at Sigma Phi Epsilon and how it can better you as a person. One of the many great things you will find is our Balanced Man Program. This program challenges the fraternity new members to build themselves into a Balanced Man with a Sound Mind and Sound Body. Sig Ep focuses on not only building its members to succeed academically but to excel physically and spiritually. Along with the Balanced Man Program, Sig Ep offers Balanced Man Scholarships. No other fraternity offers a scholarship program of this caliber. We offer this scholarship to recognize the achievements of incoming students that have helped shape them into the men they are today. For more information and an application click here.

At Southeast, we are the largest fraternity on campus with two on-campus housing facilities, each equipped with study and common areas to better ensure that the main reason as to why you're here is to learn. Our large manpower on campus helps the new members get acclimated with college life and makes for a comforting transition. However, as Balanced Men, we don't believe in all work and no play. Our on-campus house also comes with a patio & pavilion perfect for barbecues, a full basketball court, and a sand volleyball court. All of these amenities help us build the perfect Balanced Man.

I hope you are at least intrigued by what Sigma Phi Epsilon has to offer. I genuinely hope that your knowledge of fraternity life is greater than mine when I first started at SEMO. Knowing how overwhelming it may be, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have either as an incoming student or a parent. Feel free to contact me with the information I have provided below.

John Krejci

Vice President of Recruitment

(314) 686-0415 (cell)